About the author

la main de l'auteurHi, I’m Audren, I am a straight guy in my late thirties, and I have been with my wife for more than 20 years, during which she’s had several affairs (and not me). Until it appeared obvious to both of us that we could both be equally free. And that we still loved each other just as much. QDE.

About the blog

Infidelity is in the air. Probably made easier by the combination of niche internet dating sites like AshleyMadison or Gleeden and the ubiquity of private communication devices (aka smartphones), under the often complicit gaze of the media. This all gives a sour-sweet impression that there will be shattered plates, broken hearts and relationship damage. However many couples –inlcuding mine– have actually discovered that once you’re past the initial bump, the end of sexual or even emotional exclusivity is not the end of the relatioship, far from it. By sharing a number of novel and alternative viewpoints and thoughts on relationships, sexuality, fidelity, and love, I hope I can help a few beautiful love stories undergo the same metamorphosis as the one my queen and I went through…

(If you want to know more about my personal trajectory, you can go read the articles in the “confession” category).

The whole blog also has a definite feminist and sex-positive slant to it, as I really cannot dissociate sexual freedom from gender equality.

About the sometimes weird English sentences

Maybe it’s because I am French 😉

Most articles in here are translations (by my own self) of articles I initially published in French in the sibling blog “les fesses de la crémière” (which litterally translates as “the dairy maid’s buttocks”, but is actually a vulgar coda to the French expression “vouloir le beurre et l’argent du beurre” = “have your cake and eat it too” QED.

About copyright

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all the text content on the blog is copyrighted. But I am generally eager to share when people ask nicely if they can reproduce my blurbs elswhere.

However for illustrations, the answer will generally be negative (unless you can read a cc-by in the legend). If anyone’s interested, I can do commission work from your photos (and then we discuss licensing and fees).

About the drawings

Yes, these are all my drawings. I use a wacom tablet and open-source software (Gimp and MyPaint) running in Ubuntu. They are all drawn from photos. I always credit the copyright holders of the photos I use as a reference. If I have used a photo of yours and you’d rather I had not, just let me know, I’ll pull the corresponding illustration down.

About media collaboration

I can write, I probably have interesting things to say. I am open to any sort of collaboration. But exclusively in writing.

Contacting me


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